Please read if you decided not to get the L.O.V.E System or the Beginning Course... 

Before you go, may I ask you something? If you really want a deeper bond with your pet, to the point that you can understand each other without trying, you'll want to keep reading.

You Know When Your Pet is Struggling To Tell You Something...
You want the best for your pets, but if you can't figure out what they really need to be happy and healthy, you could start to feel like a terrible caretaker, like you're failing them when they need you most.

Maybe you’ve taken them to the vet, but they can't find anything wrong... their health appears to be normal, or, the vet does what they can but nothing improves...   

You know you’re missing something important. 

You give them attention… you play with them, cuddle with them, do everything you can think of… yet they continue to do things you can’t explain.

If only they could talk to you!

If you could hear their voice, you would know when they are hurting...

What they are feeling and what they are trying to tell you...

If you could just READ THEIR MIND, you would know what they're trying to say! 

Well, the good news is, you CAN read their mind, even if you don't know how yet...

One sided conversations are good when you need to deliver important information. 

But what if your animal doesn't agree with you...

Or they have concerns or questions or information you don't know? 

How will you know if you can't hear them?
Cute Dog
Imagine, if you knew what they were thinking, you would know when they are hurting, what they are feeling, what they are trying to tell you, why they behave the way they do, what they know that you don't know…

You’d know exactly how to provide the love and care they really need to live a happy, healthy, thriving life!

That’s why I created my Animal Communication Made Easy Course - to begin unlocking the intuitive tools you already have inside you so you can understand EXACTLY what your pet has been trying to tell you.

You Can Learn How to Know What Your Pet is Thinking In Less Than an Hour From Right Now!

Let me give you a taste of what you'll be learning inside of the "Animal Communication Made Easy" introduction course. 

You'll discover so many useful tools in this astonishing course with easy, fun and heartwarming lessons, like:
  • The Insiders Secret to Communicating With Animals and How it Can Work for You... so you can understand your pet in their unique language - no matter what!
  • Discovering the Many Remarkable Ways that You're Already Communicating With Animals... but were unaware of, or unconscious about
  • Three of the Biggest Mistakes Beginning Students Make That Stops Them Cold and Blocks True Communion... and how you can avoid making them
  • The Fastest Most Direct Method of Communicating With Animals That Any Animal Lover Can Learn... so you can open the channels to quickly and easily connect and communicate almost instantly 
You'll also get these wonderful Bonuses:
  • How to Use Animal Communication to Solve Problems with Pets! This bonus training will eliminate behavior problems at the source, help with health & pain issues, resolve training problems and much more! 
  • 3 Paths to Animal Communication PLUS Tips For Accuracy! Discover what kind of animal communicator you are so you can master talking to animals in your own unique way.

You might be wondering, 
will I really be able to talk to animals??

I get it.  You don't know yet if you can do this, it's so different than anything you've been taught or tried before.

Gracie was where you are right now, then she took the Course! 

Here's what happened:

"The meditations and teaching were so very helpful! I went to sit next to my horse, Hattie, in her turn out. I wanted to try chatting with her. As I was walking towards her pen, the elements of the teachings must have followed me!

All of a sudden I had this thought: I need to ASK HER PERMISSION to visit with her and tell her I want to understand everything about her from HER viewpoint.

I’d never really engaged all those elements like that at one time when approaching her or any animal. So when I got there, I greeted her and thanked her. Sat for a moment to gather my energy.

And unexpectedly I was drawn to her heart. I put my hand there for quite some time and even rubbed her muscled chest. She relaxed, hung her head low, and absorbed everything.

Then I was drawn to her right leg where it joined the body and I found that area was warm to the touch compared to the surrounding area.

And without going into every jot and tittle, I spent about 45 minutes with her in that manner, tuning in and asking her about HERSELF and her thoughts.

It was wonderful. Something has definitely changed between us, it feels so good. And we’ll continue that tomorrow and beyond. This is so exciting! I can feel how in sync we are now..."
Every Animal Lover begins this journey wondering if they can do this, worried they may not have the ability to understand their pet. Or, even more common, that this is all just hype and “no one can really talk to animals, that’s crazy.”

What they discover AFTER going through this wonderful program is that YES!

This IS real, it DOES work, they CAN do it, AND, it's much easier than they thought.

Like Gracie, the first time my students hear their pet speak to them changes their lives completely.

They quickly became passionate animal whisperers, and that's how I know without a doubt that you can do it too.

I’ve witnessed thousands of my students go from skeptical to believer to mastering animal communication!

All you need is step by step guidance in awakening your intuitive abilities.

In case you think Gracie's story is a fluke, here's what happened for other students who were just like you when they started!

Exactly what I needed! 
OMG! There is so much great practical information in this sweet course that I put to use immediately!

Now when I see animals, I know how to shift myself to know exactly what they're thinking! Great guidance and meditations, trainings, many new insights and more. I highly recommend this. It's perfect for anyone who loves animals and wants to learn their language. ~ Debora Poynter

Saved Me $100 on Cat Food 
My cat, Marvin, was such a finnicky eater. I'd tried new food with him and he would love it for the first few days and then turn his nose up at it. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on cat food, and I was getting super frustrated with Marvin. Why won't he eat? 

Because of learning to communicate with Marvin -- I found out why -- those foods I was feeding him -- made his tummy upset. We switched him to all meat -- which he loves and has stuck to for 3 months now. He's happy and healthy, and it's saving me $100 bucks on food every month. ~ Stephanie Jones 
Helped With His Anxiety! 
Before taking Val's course, my dog, Henry, would get anxious every time we would go to the dog park. There was one doggo, in particular, he seemed fearful of. 

After taking Val's course, I found out that Henry was anxious because of an experience he had with a dog of the same breed. We were able to help him with his anxiety -- now when we go to the dog park -- Henry is at ease and excited to play to with his friends. Yea! ~ Andy Silz 

To get the best results you are:

1. Highly sensitive and spiritual, have done a lot of inner work or personal therapy, and may feel empathic.

2. Interested in or are open to doing meditation and guided, focusing exercises.

3. You may also practice yoga, reiki or other healing modalities.

Is This Going to Cost Me All My Kibble Money For a Year?
A good beginning course with a top level instructor can cost $500, $1000 or more -- and may include the expense of traveling and taking time off from work.

Because you got my free ebook, I’m willing to bet that you are interested in taking your animal communication skills to the next level. 

The introductory Animal Communication Made Easy Course is normally $97 and it’s well worth it.

But you won’t pay that if you decide to go for it now - you'll pay just $27 (save $70 off the regular price!)

Are you ready to discover what your pet is really thinking, how they feel and what they need?

Remember, this special extremely low opportunity is only good while you're here. When you leave this page, you won't see it again.

You really can learn how to talk to animals yourself, for a fraction of what you'd pay a professional to communicate for you, for much less than you'll spend on a vet visit or a trainer...

You Really Can Learn How to Communicate With Animals!

Take the next step and begin a journey that can forever change your life.

The wonderful Animal Communication Made Easy course will show you how to communicate with animals in just 45 minutes with the fastest, most direct communication technique, the Heart Wisdom Method.

It's fully guaranteed so there's no risk to giving it a try.

Regularly $97.00

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Instant access to the training and bonuses for just $27

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Feel free to dive in and experience this wonderful Introduction Course without inhibition. Go through the easy fun lessons and give the exercises a try! All I ask is that you finish the Course and do the exercises as instructed. Then if you decide it’s not for you, contact me personally at within 30 days. You'll get all your money back and we’ll still be friends.

About Val Heart

In 1993 an injured mare spontaneously told me why the wound on her hip wouldn’t heal. Through the art of the conversation, we were astonished as the wound simply disappeared right before our eyes as she communicated her story!

Today, I am called The Real Dr Doolittle, a leading animal communication expert, internationally recognized animal whisperer and master healer, bestselling author and teacher.

I founded and host The Heart School of Animal Communication, and the BEST Online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club. 

Through this important work, you'll be guided to create a magical bond with your animal, access their secret inner world, know what they think and feel, and get at the root of what is really going on in their life.

You'll find that I'm not the typical animal communicator or teacher. My specialty is healing and solving problems with pets and people through a powerful spiritual journey.

If you want to learn how to talk to animals yourself, and you don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive onsite workshops, then this is it!

The unique Heart Wisdom Method of animal communication is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to open, explore and master the telepathic energetic communication channels between you and animals, heart to heart, mind to mind.

FAQ and Deets:


Even if you've taken other courses and failed, or maybe you don't think you are psychic, or you don't think you can do this because you've never done it before?  

Not to worry!  You'll succeed with the Animal Communication Made Easy Course because of my unique, Heart Wisdom Methods.

I've successfully taught students of all ages all over the world since 1996 how to connect and communicate with animals. I know without a doubt that YOU can do this too.  All you need to know is how, and that's what this is all about. 


I believe ALL animal lovers need to know how to speak their animal's language. Animals are trying to talk to you every day and when you miss their messages, they feel discouraged, disheartened and cut off. 

This is an introductory course. It is designed to show you how to discover and tap into your animal's thoughts, emotions and messages, so you'll know how they feel, what they need, and hear what they need to tell you. 

I deliberately lowered the investment to help you say YES to your pet, and so you can find out how easy it actually is to talk with animals.   


This is a digital course hosted online for safekeeping. It consists of 3 video lessons PLUS 2 Bonus Lessons (and a few more gifts too that you'll find inside your course including transcripts).

There's no need to travel and there's no time limit. You can review the classes and the material and do the exercises over again, take a break when you need to without missing anything.


No physical CD's or paper will be mailed, no plastic or packing materials to clutter the environment, no trees sacrificed, no shipping means no waiting. 

Once you've made your investment, you will receive your student account login instructions in your inbox and you will have immediate access to the Course and your Bonuses so you can start right away.
Imagine How Amazing It Will Feel When You Know How to Speak Your Pet's Language!  
WARNING: When you leave this page, this wonderful opportunity expires. The Course is fully guaranteed so there's no risk to getting it right now. But, if you change your mind and decide you want in later? You'll have to pay full price of $97. 

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