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Get started now and save $100 off the regular investment of $497: One Time Offer available from this page only! Get all your basics down in the complete course so you can build your communication skills quickly and easily. You’ll learn important animal caretaking skills AND have a lot of fun too. You’ll discover your Signature Intuitive Style, the nuts and bolts of how information is actually shared telepathically – and how it works for YOU. You’ll learn how to work with animals in person and long distance, how to help ease transitions, and how to reconnect with them on the other side, and much much more! Bonus included: Awaken Your Inner Guidance System course (reg $97).

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  • Earn FREE Private Breakthrough Laser Coaching with Val Heart! 
  • Take advantage of participating in our accountability game designed to help you stay focused, deepen and grow your skills. Your REWARD for posting 12 weeks in a row in the Forum about your experiences will earn you Val’s personal coaching, mentoring and guidance.
  • Coaching with Val privately can make THE DIFFERENCE in your ability to master your understanding and intuitive abilities. (regularly $125 each)
  • Monthly Live Q&A Coaching Calls 
  • ​Wonderful opportunity to grow your intuitive skills, get help with your animals, and answers to all your burning questions with Val’s coaching and healing support, with advanced on the spot training, group communication exercises, intuition development, new meditations, tips and techniques and more!
  • Plan on up to 120 minutes of fun, enlightenment and masterful guidance! Offered the second Saturday of each month. If you can’t attend live you can still send in your questions ahead of time and listen to the recording later. (value $125/mo)
  • PLUS, you'll also get immediate access to the entire recorded Q&A Call Archives! 
  • Community, Support & Opportunities to Practice so You Can Improve Your Confidence and Accuracy
  • Join our private community of people just like you learning to grow their intuitive communication skills and healing abilities. Practice communicating with well over 100 animal teachers so you can get feedback and loving critique to improve your skills, confidence and accuracy.
  • Get help with your pets too! Whether they don't feel well, or you just can't "get" what they've been trying to tell you.
  • ​Join in the discussions with the Featured Animal Teacher of the Month - or submit your wonderful "animal teacher" to be Featured next time!
  • The Gold Club is the perfect place for when you’ve got questions, want support, someone to play with... for when you are looking for an animal teacher to practice communicating with... when you want someone to talk to your animal(s) for you or help you with something... and especially for when you feel isolated or alone or are having trouble and need a friend — we’re here for you. (value priceless)​
  • Suitable for students at all levels so no matter where you are in your training, you'll fit right in.  

What Are Others Are Experiencing...

Lance P.

Val Heart is an animal communication teaching master!

In one of the Live Q&A Coaching Calls, Val gave me two tips in under five minutes that totally improved my ability to connect and communicate with animals.

It's like night and day!

Before I was struggling, I couldn't connect very well, I doubted myself constantly, and was on the verge of giving up.

Now? Wow! Animals come to me from everywhere, they seek me out. Dogs walking down the street drag their person over to me to say hello! Cats hang out with me everywhere I go. Birds fly to me and land near me when I'm outside.

No bull, it is incredible. I'm so glad I'm in the Club! Look what all I was missing.

Stephanie B.

Superb! What a profound confidence booster!

"I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for you, what you teach, your wisdom, your teaching abilities and your willingness to share your hard earned knowledge and experience with us.
When I started on this path not once did it cross my mind that your teachings would transcend the physical world and reach into my soul and brighten it too.

Your Club Membership and personal mentorship is truly incredible and such a blessing for all animal communicators willing to take the next step in their practice.

I can't believe I almost didn't do this - it's made such a huge difference in my life and with my abilities.” 

Nicoletta T.

My dream to communicate intuitively with animals is becoming a regular and exciting part of my daily life.

"I needed help to develop the necessary skills to telepathically communicate with animals, so I invested in the Beginning Course and joined the Animal Talk Coaching Club as a Gold Member.

What I found is so much more! I highly recommend this to everyone who genuinely wants to discover, and come into close contact with the inner world of animals. The Courses and the Animal Talk Coaching Club join together theory with practice and training, and you can virtually share your experience with others who are on the same journey. For sure, it’s well worth it to do!"

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