Gold Membership is designed especially for students who want a safe community and support in becoming more proficient in their abilities, answers to your questions and guidance from regular access to an expert, opportunities to practice with animals and get proper feedback, and ongoing training to develop your intuitive skills, improve your confidence and accuracy. 

Because here's the thing: ​​Trying to learn a new language all by yourself on your own can be difficult when you don't have anyone to practice speaking it with. You don't know when you're doing it right... or when you got it wrong.

What if you had access to a Val Heart, world renowned expert, for personal guidance and help with your pets every month in the Live Q&A Coaching "Ask Me Anything" Calls? You wouldn't keep wondering or worrying about anything, and you'd never get stuck or blocked ever again! 

What if you could get answers to all your questions, enjoy fun new trainings every month? You would advance and improve your skills, and have great opportunities to practice communicating with a wide variety of animals so you can improve your confidence and accuracy quickly...
What if you could get a professionals guidance with your pets, about their behavior, training, health, pending transition or reconnecting with them after they cross over? You could easily spend $200 or more hiring a professional communicator to help you in a single session, but as a Gold Club Member you'll get this as part of your membership.  
What if you could even earn FREE private Student Breakthrough Laser Coaching Sessions with expert Val Heart (normally $125US)? Val normally charges $500/hour for her private time and has a fully booked schedule for months in advance, but you could go to the head of the line as a Gold Member. 
You can get all of this and more by being a Gold Member in the BEST Online Animal Talk & Mastery Club. 
So... How much more successful and proficient would you be learning to communicate with your pet if you had the most affordable and accessible way to get support help while you learn and grow your intuitive skills as a Gold Member in a worldwide community of your fellow animal talk students?
And right now, you can get all this for just $4 for 4 weeks.​

What is the Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club? 

Simply put, it's a complete online portal where you have everything you need at your fingertips to grow your intuitive skills, improve your communication abilities, and so you can help animals when they don't feel well, are confused, have something important to tell you, and for when they're ready to make their transition.

A private community of people just like you who are committed to growing, healing and evolving into their BEST Self.
How much more successful could you be learning to talk with animals if you had regular access to a worldwide community of animal talk students PLUS personal attention and guidance from a world-renowned, practicing professional animal communicator? 
You see, the secret to becoming an all-star animal communicator is not just learning the basic skills but also being able to practice on a wide range of animals for positive, helpful, constructive feedback in the process.  
It's really the ONLY way to improve your confidence, skills, and accuracy. 
More than that, by being a part of a growing, loving, heart-centered group of animal talk students, you can grow your intuitive skills quickly so you can enjoy deep, heart-to-heart conversations with your pets and any other animals you come across.

In fact, being a part of a community of animal talk students who are all like-minded, heart centric, and learning to grow intuitively together is the single best use of your investment of energy, time, and money IF you really want to experience the joy and happiness that comes from being a really good animal communicator.

No other program, training, book, video, or tv show will give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that you will get from being a part of this heart centered, animal loving community.
The best part of being a member of this loving community is the connections you will make with other animal talk students, animal lovers just like you who have been where you are now and can offer you guidance in overcoming your obstacles and challenges in learning to speak your pet's language. 
You don't have to be isolated and alone anymore without support. For only $4 for 4 weeks trial Gold Membership, you can get immediate access to the most advanced, friendly, and active community of animal lovers online!

Gold Club Membership is Perfect for You if You Have Taken a Beginning Communication Course, and... 

  • You are a kind-hearted person that knows you're relationship is missing something from the relationship with your pet
  • ​You want to be a part of a loving community that will help you grow your skills and believe in you
  • ​You have a deep desire to help heal and love animals everywhere
  • ​You want an advance learning course that will allow you to develop your skills faster
  • You are an inquisitive and insightful soul and want to learn more about your pets and your self
  • ​You enjoy pushing yourself to be a better communicator and want access to resources, tools, and fellow-students that will help you achieve your goals.
If any of these statements sound like you, we would love to welcome you as an wonderful Gold Member of our community.

Get Personal Coaching When You Need It!

​​In order to really grow in your abilities as an animal communicator, you need a safe place to practice what you're learning as you grow your intuitive abilities.

You'll get answers to your questions, a wide variety of animals to practice talking to, proper encouragement, feedback, expert coaching, guidance, and support to build your confidence and accuracy.

Without help, students can easily go off track, get lost, stuck, blocked, or worse, give up before they've even gotten started. That's not what I want for you! That's why I'm giving you access to this amazing community for such a low investment.

Take the next step in growing your intuitive abilities... for just $4 for 4 weeks!

Join the Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club as a Gold Member and you'll get help, answers to your questions, opportunities to practice, and expert coaching to read your animal's mind, see struggles from their viewpoint, solve problems, and hear their voices!

Seriously! For a limited time only, you can invest Just $4 and get 4 weeks FREE.

Get the support, expert coaching, and community you need to develop your animal talking skills! Plus grab our bonus pieces of training that will allow you to not only talk more effectively with animals but also help them heal from any kind of hurt they may have (so much more than just physical pain!)

Discover Why we Call It the BEST Online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club in the World!

This unique, educational, immersive program is for students who want to be able to communicate with any animal, anywhere, about anything, any time, and feel confident doing it!

The Gold Club Membership is a fascinating dive deep into rich communication experiences all designed to help you advance and become proficient using your intuitive skills.

Val is the leading expert on animal communication, working professionally since 1993, and can help you with your animals AND coach you to break through your stuck spots, limitations, and blocks. 

 You Can Be A Powerful Advocate For Animals When You Can Bridge the Gap and Be the Voice for Animals...

Animals work hard to be your best friend. But if you don’t know how to speak their language well, you won’t be able to be their best friend… you're miss out on the important things your pet is trying to you.

Your commitment to improving your animal communication abilities will help you better meet their needs and enjoy amazing conversations with them for the rest of your lives!

It's time for you to embrace The Art of ANIMAL COMMUNICATION through better education, support, mentoring, experience, practice and guidance.

​This level of expert coaching, friendly community, and master level content isn't available anywhere else.

Now is the perfect time to Join! 
Click the button below to start learning, connecting with your fellow students in the Forum and private Facebook group, and begin practicing communicating with animals so you can get feedback to improve your skills, accuracy, and confidence.

Be sure to submit your questions for the next Live Q&A Coaching Call (offered the second Saturday of each month), and access your training, Intuitive Lessons, and bonuses.

Invest in just $4 and get 4 weeks to decide if this program is everything you think it'll be and more!

Then and only then, once you've attended the classes, enjoyed the tools and techniques to accelerate your animal communication skills, you can decide if you like this new, easier way of learning animal communication, advancing, and mastering your intuitive skills.

If you love it, then stay with us as a Gold Member for as long as you like. If not, you can drop out at any time, and we'll still be friends.
Is being able to understand what your pet thinks, needs, and feels by becoming proficient in your skills worth just $1 a week?  

More Exciting Gold Club Member Benefits!  

Featured Animal Teachers

It's so exciting to have your pet featured in the Club! That means that other students will communicate with them all month long. You will love the guided experiential communication I will lead you through during the Live Q&A Coaching Call. 

We've had animals spontaneously heal, behaviors change, and students receive profound messages from them. Will your pet be our next Featured Animal Teacher?     

Live Q&A "Ask Val Anything" Coaching Calls 

You've got questions, it's time for answers. Each month you'll experience the power of a group communication, expert guidance and help with your pets, and grow more proficient at connecting faster, with more confidence and accuracy.

Learn as Val answers questions which each become a series of uniquely wonderful mini-trainings about intuition development, communicating with animals both in spirit and alive physically, and experience healing and new ways to use communication to solve behavior and health problems. This is a wonderful way to advance your intuitive abilities with on the spot training.

Access the Q&A Recordings Vault for many more anytime you like. Gold and Platinum Members Only     

Plus You'll Get Ongoing New Trainings Each Month AND Sign Up Bonuses

Further your training and education by receiving a new online training each month on a variety of important topics designed to be fun, engaging, easy to access, and explore.

Go through the material and then apply what you’ve learned to see what a difference it makes for you and your pets.​ We'll keep it all safe for you, so you won't lose anything or get behind. 

Stress RX Guided Meditation

Being able to calm and center is important because when you're stressed out your pet is too. They feel your imbalance, pain, chaotic thoughts and worse. Then when you try to communicate from such a stressed space, you force the animal to react, shield themselves, or block you. Instead of meeting them where they are and being open to commune and converse, you won't be able to hear them properly either.

Use this powerful, 3 minute guided meditation when you need a “calm down cue” and de-stress, decompress, quickly rebalance, connect, tune in and feel refreshed before every session for improved results.

Intuition Development Games

There are many fun and easy ways to develop your intuition. Inside your student account you’ll discover a fabulous series of intuitive development lessons you can do anywhere, anytime to expand your senses, access your inner knowing and boost your confidence.​ Included for free with your membership!

Here's What Other Club Members Have to Say

"Because of Val’s courses, teaching and mentorship I have been able to recognize, embrace and learn how to use claircognizance and all the other intuitive abilities in my work as a professional animal communicator. I encourage everyone to jump into the Coaching Club, along with Val’s courses, learn and PRACTICE. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share on the monthly calls. Val CHEERED me on when I posted EVERY DAY about the animal I had communicated with during my first few months as a student in Val’s courses. Very valuable. Val’s programs work and she gives us many steps and tips. If you wish to go pro like I did, Val has provided all the steps and they work! 💜 Thank You Val." - Barb Grout
"Val is battle-tested and knows her stuff. With 30 years of working as a successful, professional animal communicator, she has an incredible range of expertise. I've heard her asked ALL kinds of questions and she never falters or fails to help in the most amazing ways. Join the Animal Talk Coaching Club if you really want to develop your intuitive skills and master animal communication, but only if you want to grow!" – Andy S.
​​"Val Heart is a animal communication teaching master! She gave me two tips in under five minutes in the Live Q&A Call that totally improved my ability to connect and communicate with animals. It's like night and day! Before I was struggling, I couldn't connect very well, I doubted myself constantly, and was on the verge of giving up. Now? Wow! Animals come to me from everywhere, they seek me out. Dogs walking down the street drag their person over to me to say hello! Cats hang out with me everywhere I go. Birds fly to me and land near me when I'm outside. Sounds crazy, I know! Seriously, no bull, it is incredible. I'm so glad I'm in the Club! Look what all I was missing." - Lance P.
"Superb! What a profound confidence booster! I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for you, what you teach, your wisdom, your teaching abilities and your willingness to share your hard earned knowledge and experience with us. When I started on this path not once did it cross my mind that your teachings would transcend the physical world and reach into my soul and brighten it too. Your mentorship is truly incredible and such a blessing for all animal communicators willing to take the next step in their practice.” - Stephanie B. 
"My dream to communicate intuitively with animals is becoming a regular and exciting part of my daily life. I needed help to develop the necessary skills to telepathically communicate with animals, so I invested in the Beginning Course and joined the Animal Talk Coaching Club. What I found is so much more! I highly recommend this to everyone who genuinely wants to discover, and come into close contact with the inner world of animals. The Courses and the Animal Talk Coaching Club join together theory with practice and you can virtually share your experience with others who are on the same journey. For sure, it’s well worth it to do!" - Nicoletta T.

There's Even More! We're Also Rewarding You With These Valuable FREE Bonuses Just for Giving the Gold Club a Try

Bonus! Barometers Of Our Souls Course

BONUS! Barometers of our Souls - Exploring the Mysteries of the Human-Animal BodyMind Connection Course (regularly $97) 

Deepen your understanding of our connection with animals and discover how they mirror and reflect your wounds, stress and illness.      

Access To Live Q&A Coaching Call Archives

Did another student ask your question? Want to experience the power of a group communication with the Featured Animal Teacher? Review Val's expert guidance and insight into growing intuitive communication abilities? Find out how she solves behavior and health problems with animals? 

Listen and learn from our most wonderful previously recorded Live Q&A Coaching Calls to inspire, entertain, educate and delight you (value priceless).      

Bonus! Paws Before Dying - Senior Pet Care Through The Golden Years and Into the Afterlife 

Know exactly how to take care of your best friend as they age, giving them the love and support they need as the transition in the next phase of their journey. Regularly $197 

Practice & Improve Your Confidence

Your fellow students animals will become your new best friends! Our heart centered, animal loving, animal talk students make up a remarkable Soul Circle Club Community so you'll feel right at home.

Practice communicating with well over 100 of your fellow students animals, and get feedback so you know what you did great and where you can improve.

Get Help & Support 24/7​/365

What if you're struggling to hear your pet's thoughts, need healing, or want advice about how to handle situations/problems?

As a Gold Club Member, you can ask your fellow students for support in the Club Forum OR the private Facebook Group 24/7/365.

Suitable for Students At All Levels

The Gold Club Program is suitable for ALL animal talk students at all levels and skills, from beginners to advanced to students preparing to be a professional animal communicator and who want to do this important work as your career! 

Are you ready to fully embrace your intuitive gifts and abilities?

You’ll receive all of this in an exploratory, experiential journey with a community of spirited, big-hearted animal lovers!

This is a safe space to explore and resolve what stops you from showing up powerfully and authentically with animals so that you can have a blast receiving animal messages, making a bigger difference in their lives and your own, and have a lot of fun doing it.

One last thing, and it's important... There are no long-term contracts!!!
Pay Month-To-Month, Cancel Anytime

Once you pay, you're under ZERO obligation to stay one minute longer than you've agreed to.

That means you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and you won't be charged a single penny more.

But you won't want to cancel because the Animal Communication Mastery Gold Club program is SO good and the community is so welcoming and loving, that you'll want to be a part of it for years to come!

After all, when you're improving your intuitive abilities by leaps and bounds, when you're enjoying the extraordinary unique classes and learning techniques, insights and more that simply aren't taught anywhere else...

When you're making new friends in the animal talk student community, practicing and getting fantastic feedback, improving your confidence and accuracy, and getting answers to all of your questions, why would you quit?

​So you decide if it's worth it.

And at any time should you feel it's not, simply call us or email, and you won't be charged another penny.


  • Seriously, you could easily spend the money on just one Starbucks coffee grande..., a cheap toy that could be torn up in just a few minutes..., a soda and a candy bar or chips... but how would that help you and your pet?
  • One unnecessary vet visit with bloodwork, because you didn't know how to talk to them to know where the issue is coming from, how they feel... and if they need a vet or not
  • Hiring a clueless professional trainer who doesn't know how to find the real cause of the behavior problems... which you could easily clear up once you know what your pet is actually thinking and the real reason why they act the way they do.
  • Food or treats that aren't good for your pet, that can even make them sick... or worse.
  • ​Medications or supplements that cause more harm than good, because only your pet knows how they feel and if it's working for them... or not.
  • ​Kenneling or boarding without talking to them about it first. Upset, stressed, confused animals are much more likely to get sick from boarding... and that can cost you a fortune.
  • ​One professional consultation with an expert animal communicator to talk to your pet for you... the really good ones charge way more than this and you'll get the opportunity to get an expert's help with YOUR pet every month in the Live Q&A Coaching Call! 
Is it worth knowing how to talk to them about things, prepare them properly for changes in their life, discuss veterinary/surgical procedures properly in advance and help them heal faster, and solve problems together?

You decide.

Let's Review Everything You Get During Your $4 for 4 Weeks Trial Membership: 

  • Immediate access to The Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club as a Gold Member ($47 Value)
  • Opportunity To Participate In The LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls For Expert Help With Your Pet and Answers to Your Questions
  • Complete Access To Our Recorded Live Q&A Call Archives
  • Earn FREE Private Student Breakthrough Laser Coaching Sessions With Val (regularly $125)
  • ​Effective and Fun Intuition Development Games
  • Be a Member of an Elite Worldwide Community Of Like-Minded Animal Talk Students and Animal Lovers so You Can Make Friends and Get Help With Your Pets From Your Fellow Students ​
  • A Safe Place To Practice Communicating with a Wide Variety of Animals So You Can Get Feedback and Loving Critique to Help You Improve Your Confidence and Accuracy 
  • ​New Monthly Animal Communication Trainings (so you can stay in top form, continue expanding and advancing your education, and constantly grow your intuitive skills!)
  • Bonus #1: Stress-Busting RX & Quick Connect Guided Meditation (value priceless)
  • Bonus #2: ​ Barometers of our Souls - Exploring the Mysteries of the Human-Animal BodyMind Connection Course ($97 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Paws Before Dying - Senior Pet Care Through Their Golden Years and Into the Afterlife ($197 value)
  • And So Much More!!!

In very real terms, you're taking advantage of over $2500 worth of awesome training and opportunities... ALL for just $4 for 4 Weeks!

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