Do you feel frustrated trying to understand your pet? 

World’s Leading Animal Communicator Reveals The Heart Wisdom System to Communicating With Animals

What if I told you there is an easy way you could learn... 

HOW TO KNOW WHAT YOUR PET IS THINKING you know what they are feeling, what they need, what confuses them, and could talk with them as easily as chatting with your best friend, would you be interested?

Read on and discover how you can tap in, connect and communicate with not only your pet but animals everywhere to find out:


Why does your pet behave the way they do? Talk to them and find out, and more importantly, partner up to solve behavior and training problems together...


Is your pet in pain? Find out how they feel, where they hurt, what makes them feel better, and what makes them feel worse...


Does your pet love you, or know how much you love them? Are you missing something important that they need to tell you? 

Peaceful Transitions

Is your pet getting ready to transition soon? How will you know when and how to help them ease the passing without second guessing yourself or feeling guilt or regrets

​Afterlife and Reincarnation

If your pet has already passed, you can still talk to them, find out how they're doing, and when they will come back to you...


Communicating with your pet strengthens the bond between you, and enhances the harmony and partnership you'll enjoy for the rest of your life...
When every communication you have with your pet brings you this much joy and clarity about what they need, what works for them, and what isn't working for them, you'll know what your pet is trying to tell you.
Loving and caring about your pet, being the BEST ANIMAL CARETAKER and GUARDIAN means being able to communicate with them, heart to heart, mind to mind.

It's time to learn how to communicate in their language so you can deepen your relationship and be a better pet parent!

Because there’s nothing more painful than not knowing what’s wrong, or what your pet needs. Maybe you’ve even thrown your hands up into the air and said “I wish you could just TELL me what’s going on!”

You want to do right by your pet, but your communications are mostly one sided.    

You wish you could understand them and what they need...    

You've learned a few tricks to help your pet understand you...  

You know you're missing what they're trying to tell you...  

You wish you could have full two-way heart to heart, mind to mind communication with your pet.  

You know you’re missing something important. 

You learned how to send a message to your pet from the Hidden Secrets to Communicating with Animals ebook...

But one sided conversations can be helpful when you just want to deliver information they need to know.   

What if your animal doesn't understand you, isn't paying attention, or they simply don't agree with you because they know things you don't know?
What if they feel anxious, stressed, or increasingly angry and frustrated because you can't hear their voice?    

What if they're in pain and desperately need your help?    

Every loving relationship requires open, clear communication in order to work. 

Why would your relationship with your pet be any different?  

If you could just READ THEIR MIND, you would know what they're trying to say! 

This is the BEST Thing I've Ever Done

Learning to see the world through the perspective of my animal friends made me realize what amazing things I was missing.

There is a whole new level of communication through feelings and visualizations that I was completely unaware of, it's like learning a foreign language and being able to talk to a whole new community of amazing and wonderful people. 

I love all your courses and teaching style. Taking your course and participating in the Animal Talk Coaching Club is the best thing I've ever done! Thank you!  

~ Joe C, Dallas, Texas 

OMG! My Dog Tuffy Heard Me! I love Being Able to Communicate With Animals

"I wanted to learn how to talk with animals so I first tried it on my little spoiled rotten chihuahua, Tuffy.  As he sat on the ground looking up at me, I told him I was trying to learn how to talk to animals and needed his help.  Would he please tell me something, anything to let me know we were communicating.

He got up and walked away and I heard him say "that's just silly."

I heard that and said out loud to him, "I'm not being silly."

He turned around immediately and ran back to me and jumped up on my legs staring at me with big wide eyes as if OMG you heard me! I got so excited yelling Oh My God, Oh My God! You could tell we were both in shock. It was amazing!

AND to confirm I really did hear him say that, he was the guest pet on one of the Animal Talk Coaching Club calls and one of the ladies described him perfectly. She said that at the end of the talk, he stated that "Humans are so silly." That's when I knew for sure I could talk to animals and they could talk to me. 

I have had many wonderful conversations since then with Tuffy and he now sits and cocks his head to listen to me when he wants to talk. I love being able to do this!"

~Kathy W. 

Val, Damn - You're GOOD!
The courses and club are outstanding

"I've heard a lot of your training calls over the years but this Beginning Animal Communication and Advanced Courses are really outstanding. Then I joined the Animal Talk Coaching Club - OMG! This is the best experience ever! I've made friends, my confidence is way better, I've experienced amazing conversations with the Featured Animal Teachers and I love the Q&A Coaching Calls. 

The Masterclasses are fantastic too! I feel your passion for what you do, I learned a LOT and am so inspired.  All the wonderful exercises you guided me through were wonderful. 

Thanks! I know I'll listen again and again."

~Amanda S, Eden New Hampshire 

The Amazing Thing is You CAN Learn How To Speak With Your Pet. 

In Fact, With This Wonderful How to Talk to Animals Beginning Core Foundational Course From The Heart Wisdom School of Animal Communication, You Could Be Enjoying Rich, Fun and Rewarding Conversations With Any Animal, Anywhere, Anytime! 

Your Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Pets ebook taught you how to send messages to animals in 3 steps so you can tell them things they need to know.

Your next step is to learn how to hear their voices so you can understand THEIR messages back to you!

I want to help you get started sooner than later, because the truth is your pet has something important to share with you every day of their lives. 
Cute Dog
Imagine the difference in your relationship when you can HEAR their voice...

Imagine how much easier it will be to take care of your pet when you know exactly what they think, feel and need, and what they want to be happy and healthy...

Imagine how much more love, joy and appreciation you’ll both feel, knowing you are both heard and understood...

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have a real conversation with them, just like you do with your best friend, every day?      

Right now, you can take the next step and learn how to communicate with animals yourself using the BEST animal communication training you'll find anywhere.

You’ll love learning how animal communication really works -- to experience hearing their voice for yourself -- knowing how it feels, how and when to use it to improve behavior, accelerate training, improve performance, ease transitions, and how to connect with all animals, anytime, anywhere!
The Heart Wisdom Beginning Core Foundations Course contains my very best tips, proprietary animal talk techniques and step by step guidance on how to access, accelerate and improve your intuition.

Soon you'll know how to connect, tune in and communicate from heart and mind.  

Why start today?      

Because your pet has something important to share with you every day of their lives.     

Because their lives are short, and they have a lot to tell you before it's too late.      

And because right now, only on this page, you can save 50% off the Beginning Course and discover how to talk with animals yourself!    

That's important because your pet has something important to share with you now and every day for the rest of their live

The Uniquely Different Heart Wisdom Beginning Core Foundations Course Will Improve Your Relationships With ALL Animals, Forever! 

Inside this wonderful, bestselling, student favorite Course, you'll discover how to:

  • Connect quickly to communicate heart to heart, mind to mind so that you understand each other at a deep level and can make almost instantaneous communications
  • ​Use animal communication to solve behavior problems and training issues so that you know why your pet does certain things, and what they need to do better
  • ​Ask your animal which foods make them feel sick, and what makes them happy and healthy so you know how to adjust your caretaking to the individual's needs
  • ​Help them with health issues and ease their pain so they can tell you when they hurt, what makes it worse, and what makes it better
  • Know what is bothering them, or stressing them out so you can help them not to worry, feel more peaceful, settled and stable improving the quality of their life
  • ​Understand where they hurt and why so they can tell you about accidents, injuries, abuse, the kind of pain they're in, where it hurts, and when it feels better
  • ​And much much more! 

For a LOT less than what you'd pay a professional communicator to communicate with your animal for you, you can learn how to talk to animals yourself!  

You'll also get these Bonuses:

First, you'll get the groundbreaking Awaken Your Inner Guidance System course so you can jumpstart activating your intuition!! (reg $97)

This wonderful training will help you gain more clarity, find your purpose, boost your confidence and get unstuck with your pets and your LIFE.  One student said she's learned more in this course than in 5 years of therapy! It's that good. 
Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club Power Call (value $97).

Listen in to this uniquely rare training that before, only Club Members had access to. Listen in as the students are inspired, delighted, and coached personally. Recorded live, Members claim that this was one of the most powerful, life changing and inspiring coaching calls so far!
​Animal Communication 8 TIPS Sheet (value $47). 

You’ll refer to this beautifully designed Animal Talk TIPS summary sheet often for review and to help you remember ALL the key points to communicating with animals. It comes in an expanded version as well as a handy condensed version to carry with you.
Certificate of Completion

Complete the course and you'll receive a lovely Certificate to celebrate your accomplishment that you'll feel delighted to show off to your friends, family and even your employer or clients. 
Get all your basics down in this complete Heart Wisdom Beginning Course so you can build your communication skills quickly and easily.  You’ll learn important animal care-taking skills AND have a lot of fun too.    

You’ll discover your Signature Intuitive Style, the nuts and bolts of how information is actually shared intuitively – and how it works for YOU so you can grow your intuitive abilities.   

You’ll learn how to talk with animals in person and long distance, how to begin solving behavior and training problems, help ease transitions, and how to reconnect with them on the other side, and so much much more!    

And that’s just a small sample of what you’ll get when you take advantage of this one time offer.

Loving and caring about animals means communicating with animals, and now it's time to deepen your relationship so you can be a better pet parent!  

I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating a gold mine of knowledge that will enable you to break through the barriers that separate you from soul level communion with animals.

You might be wondering, will I really be able to talk to animals??

Every newbie animal lover begins their journey wondering if they can do this, worried they may not have the psychic gift or intuitive ability. 

What they discover after going through this wonderful program is that YES! They CAN do it and it's much easier than they thought. 

The first time they heard an animal speak to them changed their life completely. 

Thousands of students all over the world learned, and that's how I know without a doubt that you can do it too. 

All you need is expert guidance in awakening your intuitive abilities. 

I’ve witnessed thousands of students all over the world go from skeptical to believer to mastering animal communication!

All you need is guidance in awakening your intuitive abilities.

Get the Beginning Core Foundations Heart Wisdom Course and see for yourself how easy it is to learn how to enjoy 2 way heart to heart, mind to mind conversations with animals!    

It's hard to be a best friend if you don't know how to speak their language...   

Discovering how to understand and communicate with your animals is a gift you will enjoy for the rest of your life!   

Ready to break into the wonderful world of animal communication? Then this is your big chance!!   

Trust your inner wisdom and put your love for animals where your heart is.

Here's what happened for my students 
(and we literally have hundreds more success stories with more coming in every day from animal lovers just like you): 

You'll get the best results from this Course if you:

1) Love animals and want to be the best caretaker for them that you can be.

2) Are a spiritual person and have a positive mindset toward learning and self improvement. 

3) Have access to high speed internet to access the online Course.

4) Have a sincere desire to communicate with animals to help them with pain, behavior problems, ease transitions, and reconnect in the afterlife and find them when they reincarnate.

5) Are willing to do what it takes and will commit to the simple, easy to follow lessons, assignments and exercises as I’ll teach you (which will feel more like new explorations and adventures with animals than doing "work"!)​
Bonus Points:  You are open to developing your intuition even if you've had no training in it before. You love experiencing heart warming, inspiring, guided meditations that help you open your mind, activate your intuitive abilities, and connect with animals. You may also do yoga or reiki or other healing modalities, all of which will give you a jump start to success! 

Who this is not a good fit for: 

1) You just want your pet to do what you want them to do and don't care about their viewpoint or how they feel.

2) You are not a spiritual person and have don't enjoy learning and self improvement.

3) You don't have regular access to high speed internet.

4) You give up easily when trying new things and can't focus or follow directions.

You're Probably Wondering How Much Will This Cost...
A really good beginning course or workshop with a top level instructor teaching you how to communicate with animals can cost $500, $1000 or more -- and may include the expense of traveling -- and NONE of them can hold a candle to this Heart Wisdom Complete Beginning Core Foundations Course.    

But I have a big savings for you if you're ready to start today.    

Animal lovers just like you invest in this course every day on my website for $497 and it’s well worth it. But you won’t pay that. 

When you make the decision to get this now it's just $248.50, or 2 payments of $137. That’s a 50% savings off the normal price! 

So what’s my hidden motive?  Why am I practically giving away this wonderful bestselling course?  

I'm more interested in gaining your trust and confidence as a student, and once you find out how good this is, you'll be telling others about it and enjoying a deeper more wonderful relationship with your animals. 

Get ready to have fun talking with animals, knowing what they're thinking, feeling and needing, and becoming an awesome pet parent!   

Simply click the button below to get started. 

Act now and you'll save 50% off the regular investment! It's my way of helping you get started sooner than later. 

There is no better time to get started than right now and your pet has important things to tell you every day that you've been missing.

So my question to you is, are you ready to have fun talking with animals, knowing what they're thinking, feeling and needing? Are you ready to feel just how deeply your pet loves you?

Remember, this one time opportunity is only good while you're on this page. When you leave this page, you won't see it again.

You really can learn how to talk to animals yourself.

And you can do it for a fraction of what you'd pay a professional to communicate for you, for less than you'll spend on treats or a quality toy or a vet visit or a trainer...

There’s no need to juggle your schedule or spend money to travel. It's hosted safely in the cloud for you whenever you're ready for it. And you’ll never miss work, family events, your favorite TV show, anything by doing it on your own time that works for your schedule!

And PSST… Don’t tell anyone, but taking this course could also help you better understand and communicate with the people in your life. Imagine if you could intuitively know what your spouse, kids, or loved ones were feeling or thinking… how would that change your relationships?

You Really Can Learn How to Communicate With Animals in Just 6 Wonderful Lessons!

This Comprehensive, Deeply Enjoyable and Inspiring Training Program Is Designed to Awaken and Grow Your Intuitive Abilities so You Can Communicate With Animals, heart to heart, mind to mind.

Give This Just 25 Minutes a Day and You'll Increase Your Understanding of Animals, and Improve Your Relationships With Pets in Two Weeks -- OR Dive In Deep and Complete it in a Weekend! 

About Your Teacher, Val Heart

In 1993 an injured mare spontaneously told me why the wound on her hip wouldn’t heal. Through the art of the conversation, we were astonished as the wound simply disappeared right before our eyes as she communicated her story!

Today, I am called The Real Dr Doolittle, a leading animal communication expert, internationally recognized animal whisperer and master healer, bestselling author and teacher.

Through this important work, you'll be guided to create a magical bond with your animal, access their secret inner world, know what they think and feel, and get at the root of what is really going on in their life.

You'll find that I'm not the typical animal communicator or teacher. My specialty is healing and solving problems with pets and people through a powerful spiritual journey.

If you want to learn how to talk to animals yourself, and you don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive onsite workshops, then this is it!

The Heart Wisdom Method of animal communication is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to open, explore and master the telepathic energetic communication channels between you and animals, heart to heart, mind to mind.

FAQ and Deets:


The complete Heart Wisdom Beginning Core Foundational Course is a digital course hosted online for safekeeping. It consists of 4 main classes plus an extraordinary Q&A "put it all together" class. It includes the Awaken Your Inner Guidance special training bonus, all recorded live from a Virtual Retreat so you'll experience it just like you are attending a live event. 

With immediate access you can begin as soon as you like, and there's no time limit to completing it. 

This is great because you won't have to travel or take time off from work or find a baby sitter, and you can review the classes, the material, do the exercises again and again, take a break when you need to without missing anything.


No physical CD's or paper will be mailed, no plastic or packing materials to clutter the environment, no trees sacrificed, no shipping = no waiting. Make your investment, and look for your student account login instructions in your inbox. Follow the simple instructions and you will have instant access to the Course and your Bonuses so you can start right away.


When you've completed the course, be sure to pick up your Certificate along with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction knowing you just did acquired a fantastic intuitive ability that will serve you and your animals well for the rest of your life. You’ll be proud to hang it on your wall and show your friends or even employers or clients! Completion of all the Course Classes is required. (value priceless)

There's No Risk With Val's Better Than Free, Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel free to dive in and experience this wonderful Course without inhibition. Go through the easy fun lessons and give the exercises a try! All I ask is that you finish the Course and do the exercises as instructed. Then if you decide it’s not for you, contact me personally at within 30 days. You'll get all your money back and we’ll still be friends.
WARNING: When you leave this page, this wonderful opportunity expires. The Course is fully guaranteed so there's no risk to getting it right now. But, if you change your mind and decide you want in later? You'll have to pay full price of $497. Now's the time and this is what you've been looking for!

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