Discover how to improve your communication skills and expand your intuitive abilities the Heart Wisdom Way - with the Animal Lovers Toolkit for Savvy Pet Parents!

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What is the Animal Lovers Toolkit exactly?

A heartwarming, educational, enjoyable combo pack filled with all 7 uniquely wonderful Heart Wisdom School of Animal Communication's BEST special topics self study courses!

The Animal Lovers Toolkit is jam packed with step by step, uniquely different trainings you won't find anywhere else.   

Is it right for you?

This Toolkit is suitable for animal talk students at all skill levels. A brilliant addition to guiding you in developing more of your intuitive abilities. 
  • Animal communication students must expand their horizons to be well rounded in their studies. They do this by discovering how to apply animal talk principles and advanced techniques to help animals in a wide variety of situations. This Toolkit is designed with you and your pet in mind to take you deeper, farther, faster so you can enjoy developing your intuitive abilities and confidence - and become more proficient helping animals."
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The Toolkit includes all 7 of our most popular special topics Animal Talk Courses:

Awaken Your Inner Guidance System™ Self Study Course
3 Easy Ways to Heal Animals Using Animal Talk and Animal Reiki Self Study Course
The Heart of the Conversation – 7 Step Blueprint for Successful Communication with Animals Self Study Course
Coping with Pet Loss Self Study Course
Help Pets Overcome Fear of Fireworks, Thunder and Noise Phobias Self Study Course 
Paws Before Dying – Senior Dog Care through the Golden Years and into the Afterlife Self Study Course
Barometers of Our Souls! Exploring the mysteries of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection Self Study Course

If you want to advance your training by adding versatility to expand your intuitive animal communication and healing abilities, this is it! You won't find this level of training anywhere else. 

If you want to awaken and activate ALL your intuitive senses...

If you want to be able to help animals overcome their fear of fireworks or storms...

If you want to know how to help your pet feel better quickly when they get hurt, are in pain or are ill...

If you want to understand the mirroring effect of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection, and better yet, how to talk to your pet about not carrying your stress and illness so they can heal...

If you're grieving from the loss of your pet (and would like to help others who are struggling with sadness and grief too...)

If you want to know the right questions to ask in the right way and timing for better, more successful conversations with animals...

Finally, if you want to be able to prepare properly to manage their golden years, know when it's time to ease their passage, to know what they want to help them, and even more importantly, what they don't want you to do when the time comes...

Then this is what you're looking for.

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Expand Your Training & Confidence

This wonderful collection of special topics courses will teach you how to help your pet in so many ways, with easy to learn techniques, tried and true guidance from experts. This is a great way to enhance your intuitive skills and abilities. 

Go Deeper Than Before

Animals need you to be their best friend, so when they are frightened by fireworks or thunderstorms, you will know how to ease their panic. When they don't feel well, you'll know how to soothe their pain. When they are mirroring your stress, or getting ready to make their transition, you'll know what to do.

Suitable for Students At All Levels

The Toolkit is suitable for ALL animal talk students at all levels and skills, from beginners to advanced to preparing to Go Pro to being a professional practitioner making this important work your career! Discover how to be there for them in all the ways that count the most. 

Our Promise

  • You have a full 30 days to explore the Animal Lovers Toolkit. All you have to do is complete all the courses and do the exercises. If you don't agree that learning these intuitive skills is helping you grow and develop your animal caretaking and communication abilities, then let me know exactly what you've tried and what results you got within 30 days, and I'll refund every penny of your investment. ​Email if you have any questions. 

Top 3 Reasons to Get This NOW


 Get all the Courses now at the special rate and instead of paying $779, you'll save a lot of money while you have the fun of growing your intuitive and communication abilities.


Own all these digital Courses now with full and immediate access for as long as you need them, and if Val ever adds to them or provides new updated versions, you'll get those too at no extra charge. 


You GET how powerful inexpensive access to a top expert's variety of trainings will help you improve your intuitive abilities and make you a much more savvy pet parent. 


What Are Others Are Experiencing...

Deborah P.

Exactly what I need to keep me focused on my dream of being an animal communicator

There is so much practical information in this program that you can use immediately! Great guidance and meditations, trainings, many new insights, ideas and much more -- I highly recommend this. It's perfect for anyone who loves animals and wants to learn their language.

Jolinda E.

Superb! What a Profound Confidence Booster!

This program helped me to have more self-confidence in myself and my abilities. It opened a door to a whole new world that I will enjoy learning more about. Val is such a kind and supportive person. She has helped me believe in myself more as I practice animal communication. The material is superb and very thorough. I highly recommend it.

Janice F.

Way Better Than a "Famous" Communicator's Workshop! 

I discovered that everyone is born with the ability to communicate spiritually. With Val's help we can ‘re’-remember how! Val teaches so many ways to tap in and open up to accomplish our communication goals. Val does a wonderful job of bringing that across… and in a sweet, happy, loving way. I’ve been to ‘famous’ animal communicator’s workshops and was not nearly as impressed. This is great!

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